Advice for all Activists: ‘Fighting with Non-Violence’

Elworthy aptly stated in her talk, “What about anger? Wherever there is injustice there’s anger. But anger is like gasoline, and if you spray it around and somebody lights a match, you’ve got an inferno. But anger as an engine — in an engine — is powerful. If we can put our anger inside an engine, it can drive us forward, it can get us through the dreadful moments and it can give us real inner power.”

A Meaningful Conversation: ‘The Devil is in the Details’

by Allison Hargus, creator/writer When I first made the phone call to Ralph Hutchison, coordinator of Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance (OREPA), I sat anxiously as the phone rang with well-thought questions in hand. The time came to ask an important player in nuclear non-proliferation the questions percolating in my mind since the beginning of…