Advice for all Activists: ‘Fighting with Non-Violence’

Elworthy aptly stated in her talk, “What about anger? Wherever there is injustice there’s anger. But anger is like gasoline, and if you spray it around and somebody lights a match, you’ve got an inferno. But anger as an engine — in an engine — is powerful. If we can put our anger inside an engine, it can drive us forward, it can get us through the dreadful moments and it can give us real inner power.”

Healing the Wounds of History: ‘A hero’s journey, not a victim’s perspective’

“What is forgiveness?” This may seem a mundane question, but his answer helped me connect my cause to his. He explained that forgiveness is when we pursue justice or reparations from this act. The act of forgiveness does not mean letting perpetrators off the hook, it simply allows us to move forward in the solution-building process. If we can admit that there is a wrong, that will be the first step in the right direction.